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Privacy Policy

You may visit our web site without revealing your identity and without providing any of your personal information. In order to use our services it is necessary to give us some of your personal information such as your name, address, telephone number, e-mail, and if you pay by credit card, the details of the latter.

The protection and administration of your personal data are bound to the terms of the current section and governed by the Greek law and the EU law (L. 2472/1997 for the protection of personal data, P.D. 207/1998 & 79/2000, Article 8 of L. 2819/2000 and L. 2774/1999 of European Law (directives 95/46/ΕC και 97/66/ΕC).

Your credit card is being used only for the specific transaction which you asked for. Moreover, the details are not archived and of course cannot be used by us.

Titania Hotel would like to let you know that your personal data will not be used without your approval and we are not going to publish, reveal, exchange or sell them to third parties for any reason whatsoever. All information you provide us with are noticed legally to all responsible court, police and other ministerial offices according to the current laws and legislations.

Titania Hotel does not have any responsibility toward users because of a leak of their personal data caused by the use of third party’s products or services taken place via this website.

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Επωνυμία : Α.Ε.Ξ.Ε Τιτάνια
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